Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 7 March 22

Today is a good day!! Charlie has taken his entire bottle since the 6am feeding!!!!! Only 3-4 more feedings till the tube can come out and then maybe a day to be sure he keeps on track!

I went up for our usual 9am feeding and then for the 3pm. I stayed through the 6pm feeding, snuggling him on my chest skin to skin. Daddy came up for the 6pm feeding, but was two minutes too late! Charlie had already sucked his bottle down. We will be staying home the rest of the night. I still have swollen feet and Charlie needs to rest.

Here is a pic of us snuggling kangaroo style. He is actually inside my shirt and then we have a blanket over us. He slept so hard that I had imprints of his tiny hands on my skin! Too cute! Looking forward to doing more of this tomorrow...

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