Monday, April 20, 2009


So I finally got a clue as to why Charlie was having such a hard time with eating the last couple days.. Can we say MAJOR poop issues!!

I headed up to my mom's today around 10 am to parade him around some of her 'customers' (she is a mail carrier) worrying a bit (yes, again!) about my poor little man because he hadn't pooped in over 24 hours...and he would only take about 2oz before getting really really agitated. We got back to her house around 12:30. She was holding him and said 'I think he actually pooped' well I wasn't too excited (yes, excited over poop!) because he also has had some really nasty smelling gas. She wasn't wrong this time! Upon opening his diaper I found it FULL of this thick mud consistency green poop. Called mom into the room to see and immediatly she says that is from the iron in the formula...obviously much higher than in breastmilk. Also after this he sucked down agitation, drools, breaks in 10 minutes!! Go baby!! But he wasn't done! He filled another diaper and then sucked down another 1.5 oz! Finally!

It may be a few days before his little body gets acclimated to the higher iron and nutrients in formula, but atleast I know he does eat! And I am more comfortable with the 'why' he slowed down. Hard to explain, but I feel better knowing there is a tangible cause as opposed to him just not wanting to eat.

We haven't had any more poops yet the rest of the day, but hoping for one tonight. He is eating better though...closer to three ounces each time. Awesome baby!

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  1. Woohooo 8pounds!!! he's a big little guy now :) . He is gaining weight, he's doing great!
    I used to worry too about Sofia's eating the first couple of weeks; she didn't have a pattern either. Then I realized that as long as babies are not sick, they adjust their eating to make sure they get what they need. Sofia still does it sometimes.