Saturday, April 25, 2009

sweet baby

I know it is still too early for Charlie to get on a sleep schedule and to 'train' him to take naps and sleep through the night...but seriously he hadn't really been sleeping in his bed during the day, and if he did it was only for maybe 25 minutes. Mom and Dad think he is so very precious that we hold and cuddle him! (and I don't like to listen to him fuss, so I end up picking him up!...I know, I know, we are wrapped around his little finger!)

Anyway...So today after his 2pm bottle, I swaddled him and put him in his bed for naptime. this is what I got for over two hours! I actually had to wake him for a bottle...

Doesn't he just look so peaceful!? even with the kinked neck!?!? He was out cold! I even had to check him a few times to be sure he was still breathing! He is out like this again for bedtime (since 8pm) and I am hoping it goes for a few more hours...I am not waking him at night for feedings (not that we ever had to) and last night he went two stretches of over 4 hours.

OH and...we had lots of poops today! (I know you just wanted to know that!) He certainly made up for the last 2.5 day sof nothing..I think I changed 5 or 6 dirty diapers. Not fun and very stinky!

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