Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Charlie has not been eating so good the last couple days. He still wakes every threee hours (on the dot!) to eat and seems very hungry but then only takes about 2 ounces and its a struggle to get that. He was up to taking three easy and fast...sometimes closer to four. He also gets really agitated as soon as the bottle goes in his mouth. He seems to be very gassy and I am not sure what we can change to help that. I think part of the problem maybe that we are transitioning from breast milk to formula (I just don't make enough so I am 'weaning' off the pump). He has always been getting formula, but usually only one full one a day. Now he is getting more like one breastmilk bottle a day.

I sure hope we are not back where we were in the NICU..but it sure feels like it. I hate seeing him not eat and it makes me extremely nervous. Of cousre my stress doesn't help him at all.

Fortunately we already have an appointment scheduled for Friday so we will definitely be talking to her about it. Really I am hoping he resolves the issue on his own and we don't have to talk to her about it! He'll get hungry enough, right?

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