Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Mom Stuff..

I am still adjusting to life as a new mom...feedings every three hours, pumping every three hours (but at a different time than the feedings), a baby that sleeps alot, a mom that sleeps little!

I also had a bout with a mild case of baby blues. It's hard for me to admit that I can't do everything or to admit that some thing didn't feel right. Fortunately it only lasted a couple days and I am feeling much better. Also I havet he best support person...W let me cry and talk about what was bothering me. Yes he teases, but that's his way of lightening things up a bit. He has always been the type that doesn't worry too much about anything, he has the 'it is what it is' attitude. Sometimes I wish I could be like that, but I'm not. I worry and stress.

Speaking of worry..Sunday after his bath, I notice three little spots on Charlie's skin in his diaper area. They were clustered together and looked like pimples, puss filled yellow spots. I called the clinic on Monday to see if I should worry or if it is something that just happens. The nurse said to bring him in if they don't get better in a day or two. Well they seemed to get bigger and two of them popped on their own so I decided to take him in anyway. I saw the nurse practioner who was awesome. She was very reassuring that we have a healthy baby and that Mom and Dad didn't do anything 'wrong' to cause the infection. She couldn't definitively say what it was but she is treating it as if it is a staph infection. She also voiced one of my worries and my main reason for taking him in: we don't want it to be MRSA! So he is now on antibiotis for 10 days.

He also got weighed at the Dr's office: 5lbs 14 oz. He is growing fast! He gained half a pound in 4 days! (Friday he was 5lbs 6oz)

Here is a pic of W holding Charlie and W's cousin holding his 5 month old...HUGE difference!

And here is Charlie so hungry he felt like he should hold his own bottle! Too cute!

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